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Best Winter Fragrances for Men

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A lot of people don’t like the winter. They say that it’s cold, there’s no sun, and they get bored because they can’t leave their homes. 

I say that’s fools talk.

Winter is cozy, for sitting in front of the fire, wearing warm sweaters, and sipping hot drinks. 

The fashion, fragrances, and vibes are just plain better when the weather’s cold.

You might be wondering, if there are so many great cold-weather fragrances, which one should I choose? What are the differences? How do they stack up?

If that’s the case, and I hit on any of those questions, keep reading dear reader. We’re about to get into it.

How We Choose Our Scents

At More Scents than Sense, we choose our perfumes based on a few critical factors, and we never EVER settle for something that’s “just ok.”

We’ve worn these colognes, researched them, gotten feedback from people who smelled them so you can rest assured: they’ve passed all the nose tests we’ve thrown at them.

We then rate them in a number of categories to give you a comprehensive breakdown on where the scent shines, and where it might struggle.

Without further ado, here are the best men’s colognes for winter.

1. Armani Code

Armani’s Code, released back in 2004, is a warm, leathery-tobacco scent shot through with star anise and tonka bean. It is, without a doubt, one of the best men’s fragrances for winter wear. 

I get strong woods and citrus in the opening, which is alright, but the middle and drydown is where things get interesting. Dare I even say, when things get heavenly. 

The star anise really starts to kick in, and the tonka lends some warmth to create an incredibly cozy, alluring bubble around you. It’s a huge compliment getter, and smells sexy while still being approachable and supremely elegant. 

I would recommend this fragrance for the man who likes to dress well, not because he wants to impress others but because he likes how it makes him feel. 


If this scent was a color, it would be a deep lavender. 


Occasion: Anytime in the winter, but especially on dates and winter nights

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 8.5/10

Scent: 10/10

2. By Kilian Black Phantom

Warning: if you’re any sort of sweet tooth, you’re about to be obsessed. Black Phantom by Kilian is an amazing sweet, warm-spicy fragrance for the winter. The scent is unisex, and people of all kinds can pull it off. 

With accords such as coffee, chocolate, sugar, and rum, Black Phantom is deep and complex. This isn’t a smell-once kind of fragrance. You learn new things about it and make new discoveries every time you put it on.

One of the most incredible things about it is that it’s very strong without being cloying or overbearing. It’s done incredibly tastefully. 

I would recommend this for the bold man who isn’t afraid of taking chances, and never ever shies away from the spotlight. 


If this scent was a color, it would be a black shot through with smoke. 


Occasion: Winter nights, colder winter days

Compliments: 8/10

Longevity: 9/10

Scent: 9/10

3. Givenchy Gentleman EDP

This is one scent that lives up to its name. It’s extremely gentlemanly. It’s rich and decadent smelling. It smells expensive. It is, beyond a doubt, one of the best men’s colognes for the winter.

The fragrance blends spices like cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper with creamy iris and powdery vanilla to create an ever evolving olfactory experience. The cologne smells mature, but not in such a way that you couldn’t wear it if you’re young. It smells put together. 

I would recommend this winter cologne for the man who knows what he wants in life, and is prepared to go after it. 


If this scent was a color, it would be a blue so deep, it’s almost black.


Occasion: Formal wear, fancier dinner dates, evenings

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 9/10

Scent: 8/10

4. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Noir Extreme by Tom Ford is sexy warm chocolatey spice. It’s a very warm and inviting perfume, and you might find yourself getting nuzzled by random strangers as you walk by. 

I’m kidding. 


It really does have this innate sort of charm, with great performance and soft, steady projection. 

Words like romantic, intimate, and smooth come to mind.

This cologne shines in formal evening situations and date nights. While you could wear it to work, you probably shouldn’t.

I would recommend this scent for the romantic man who likes to talk simply because he likes the idea of exchanging words with another living, breathing being.


If this scent was a color, it would be all deep browns and russets shot through with gold.


Occasion: Dates, night events

Scent: 9/10

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 9/10


5. Armani Eau de Nuit Giorgio Armani

Extremely classy. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Giorgio Armani’s Eau de Nuit, one of the best winter fragrances for men. Casual fragrance wearers and impassioned perfume snobs alike agree that this under-the-radar-scent doesn’t get nearly as much attention as its smell and performance merit. 

The main notes you get with Eau de Nuit are iris, woods, amber, and tonka bean, with nutmeg making an appearance in the drydown. 

The result is a smooth, slightly powder, slightly vanillic scent that smells amazing in the winter air. It’s best on cold nights, and shines when the stars are out. 

Compliments are plentiful with this cologne, so there’s no need to worry – while you’ll enjoy the way you smell, so will everyone else. 

I would recommend this scent for the man who works a corporate job, but works as a barista, for fun, on the weekends. 


If this scent was a color, it would be a deep yellow, almost a brown. 


Occasion: Formal events, night-time

Compliments: 8/10

Longevity: 8.5/10

Scent: 8/10

6. Ultra Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier

This winter scent by the nose of Francis Kurkdjian is a veritable modern masterpiece, and one of my personal favorite fragrances for the winter. It smells cozy, yet extremely playful, and elicits thoughts of chunky wool sweaters, snowy days, and cold winter nights. 

Initially enveloping you in a cloud of gorgeous pear, mint and lavender, Ultra Male eventually settles into a smoother sweet-spicy black vanilla, shot through with that pear note, amber, and woods

It’s absolutely incredible, and if you haven’t smelled this before, you need to try it.

I would recommend this scent for the man who is an enigma, spontaneous yet thoughtful, creative, and passionate.


If this perfume was a color, it would be a faded shade of electric purple.


Occasion: Night-time, parties, cold cloudy days

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 8.5/10

Scent: 10/10

7. Guerlain Ideal EDP

Ideal EDP is a sweet cherry prominent fragrance for men. Featuring that cherry note (which actually stays for most of the scent evolution) combined with almond, rose, vanilla, and spice. 

It’s a deep, complex fragrance that smells seductive. Seriously, this stuff smells incredibly good. It’s an amazing first-date fragrance, and has been known to lead to more dates. There are rumors the ladies have been driven mad.

Seriously though, there are few colognes that work better in cold weather than Guerlain’s Ideal eau de parfum, which packs a huge punch in the compliment department. 

I would recommend this fragrance for the man who likes to dance the night away, but not all of the time, who knows when to have fun, and what kind of fun to have. It’s a very considerate fragrance, all things considered. 


If this scent were a color, it would be a reddish cloud, shot through with cherry reds. 


Occasion: Night-time, parties, cold cloudy days

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 8.5/10

Scent: 9.5/10

8. Baccarat Rouge 540 

Baccarat Rouge 540, by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, is probably the most polarizing fragrance on this list. Unisex, classy, and extremely sweet, the way it reacts to your personal body chemistry plays a huge role in whether or not you enjoy wearing this scent. 


Baccarat Rouge 540 starts floral, with saffron and jasmine, and then moves on to aber, resins, and woods. There is a sweet element to the fragrance as well, ranging from strawberry-like, to a smell reminiscent of cotton candy. 

Performance and projection are very good, and you won’t have to spray much to stay smelling great all day long.

I would recommend this for the man who is a creative, who loves to think about thinking, and dreams about a world that doesn’t quite yet exist. 


If this scent were a color, it would be a deep red. 


Occasion: Very cold days, really anytime in the winter

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 9/10

Scent: 9/10

9. By the Fireplace

This unisex scent by Maison Martin Margiela is aptly named, and perfect for cozy winter wear. Tastefully smoky, nutty, and warm, By the Fireplace will warm you, and those who smell you, up on a cold winter day.

By the Fireplace starts off with a blast of spice, aiding a sort of smoky atmosphere to the composition. In the mids and drydown, the crackling logs emerge, with the amber, vanilla, and chestnut becoming more prominent. 

This perfume is extremely unique, and some might find it harder to wear than some other options on this list. If you love it, however, it’ll probably become one of your favorites. 

I’d recommend this for the man who loves to sit by the fireplace and read, someone who looks out the window at the snow as it falls.


If this scent was a color, it would be a muted orange and red, the color of embers.


Occasion: Lazy winter days, casual winter wear

Compliments: 7/10

Longevity: 8/10

Scent: 9/10


10. The One EDP

The One EDP, by Dolce and Gabbana is a timeless classic, and easily one of the best men’s winter fragrances of all time. A warm-spicy, ambery, tobacco scent, The One is manly and one of the most alluring fragrances a man can wear.

Improving upon the DNA of the original The One EDT, the EDP version smells richer, lasts longer, and is even more magical.

This is an amazing winter cologne for date nights, winter evenings, and even winter parties. It’s extremely versatile and you’ll wow wherever you are.

While performance isn’t as great as some others on this list, you can still get a full day’s smell by spraying some on the hem of your clothing.

I would recommend this fragrance for the man who wants to smell great in the winter, no matter where he finds himself. 


If this scent were a color, it would be a shade lighter than navy blue. 


Occasion: Anytime in the winter

Compliments: 9/10

Longevity: 7/10

Scent: 9/10

Some Usage Tips

Wearing a perfume the wrong way is the easiest way to turn a brilliant juice into a sour experience. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the best out of your bottle. 

Tip #1: Don’t Overspray

I can’t say this enough; far too many men spray way too much cologne on themselves and proceed to walk around smelling like a perfumery, choking people out and generally giving the mass populace a headache. 

Don’t, I repeat, don’t be that guy

A fragrance is best when it is tastefully done, and subtlety is often the best way to get the results you’re looking for. 

Tip #2: Spray the Right Spots

For best results, you’ll want to spray parts of the body that are warm. This helps “activate” the fragrance and react properly with your skin. 

These spots are called pulse points, and you’ll get dramatically better and longer-lasting results when you target these areas. 

Tip #3: Spray Your Clothes (Sometimes)

This is a little controversial, and many so-called “fragrance gurus” would probably try and hit me if they knew I was telling you this, but spraying your clothing the night before you wear it can actually be a great way to increase projection and the cozy factor. 

This works particularly well with fall and winter scents, on things like hoodies and sweaters.

Isaac Marks

Isaac Marks

Isaac is a fragrance expert from Chicago, Illinois, specializing in smelling good at all times. When he isn't sniffing things, Isaac likes to read, write, run, bake, and play the guitar.

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