What are Fougères?

Often relegated to the dad zone, fougeres are often unfairly seen as washed up, out of juice, and boring. We’re here to tell you that couldn’t be more false.  In perfumery, there are six main olfactory, or scent, families that the industry can be systematically broken down into. One such family is the fougeres family. […]

How to Travel With Your Favorite Perfumes: A Guide to Decanting

Traveling is amazing – one of the most amazing parts of life. TSA restrictions and bag packing on the other hand… not quite as amazing.  You want to smell good on your trip, but how do you bring along all of those different scents for all of those different sights? Enter, this article. By the […]

A Guide to Spices in Perfumery

A Guide to Spices in Perfumery Spice is a broad term that gets thrown around A LOT in the perfume world. “Oh, that’s nice and spicy!” or “Oh, that spice really warms the whole thing up!” are things you might hear your resident fragrance-head rambling about — but what does any of that mean? What […]

A Guide to Perfume Types and Concentrations

If you’ve ever stopped into a perfume shop, you’ve probably seen a bunch of different concentrations, abbreviations, and fragrance types. What does that smattering of seemingly random letters mean?   Further, how do you choose the right fragrance concentration for you and your olfactory needs?   In this article, we’ll break down thoroughly the seven […]