Valentino Uomo Intense Review: Iris Dressed Up

valentino uomo intense review

If you ask anyone who knows anything about men’s perfume what the modern masterpiece of classy scents is, chances are, Valentino Uomo will make a dashing appearance into the conversation.  Which makes sense, considering it’s one of the most wonderfully elegant and dusky men’s perfumes around.  Think tall, dark, and handsome in a suit a […]

La Nuit de L’Homme Review: The Night of Who?

La Nuit de L’Homme. The cologne that has started many a fragrance journey, and the fragrance that has started many a fling.  It’s also a fragrance with a cult following, a whole number of noses lined up in a row waiting for a waft to come their way so they can finally feel alive again. […]

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review: You Know, Like the Name Says

Like tobacco? Yeah? How about vanilla? Another yes?  Then you’re in for a treat.  Luckily for us, it seems that Tom Ford saved all of the creativity and brain power for the scent itself, and not the name of this beauty. Like you’d expect, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is a tobacco and vanilla heavy unisex […]

Montblanc Legend EDP Review: Legendary or Just a Good Time?

Tasteful, refined, and dichotic are the words that come to mind upon smelling this scent for the first time. The olfactory equivalent of a good mood, Montblanc Legend EDP is just an overall fun time. It’s versatile, long-lasting, and attractive, and it combines woods and leather in unison with jasmine to create a daring men’s […]

Azzaro Wanted by Night: Are You Scared of the Dark?

Let’s talk about Azzaro’s Wanted by Night. If you’re new to the world of heavy winter or nighttime fragrances, this one is an amazing segue into that world. It’s quite good; sweet, but not cloying, heavy but not too heavy, warming but not unpleasantly so.  This is more than some generic, sweet-synthetic mess; it’s a […]

Bleu de Chanel EDT Review: As Blue As Can Be

Bleu de Chanel — more like bl-ew de chanel. Or bleh de chanel.  Or maybe just ew de chanel? Launched in 2010, Bleu de Chanel has made a name for itself as a professional office scent more than capable of keeping any man smelling savvy, and for grabbing the occasional compliment. To its credit, it […]

Guerlain Vetiver Review: A Sexy Standard

Guerlain Vetiver is, at its heart, a perfect representation of vetiver from all angles. Vetiver is one of those fragrance notes that, while you might think you know what it smells like, you don’t. Guerlain’s Vetiver is here to remind you that nothing is certain. If you’re looking for a more wearable scent like Terre […]

Lalique Encre Noire Review: A Forest, But A Lonely One

Lalique’s Encre Noire is a perfume akin to wearable art. Less a cologne in the mass-produced, spray-and-forget sense of the word, Encre Noire is an abstract composition that exudes introspection, loneliness, and darkness. As such, I was expecting to like it.  I was expecting right. It’s easily one of the most expensive, premium smelling scents […]

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Review: Got Grass?

tom ford gray vetiver review

Few things in this world are truly clean. Instead of operating in hard lines, they shift and swirl, turn you around and leave you wondering where you started and where you hoped you’d end up. Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver isn’t anything like that; it truly is clean, offering a modern-professional scent for men that manages […]

Terre D’Hermes EDT Review: A Modern Classic Lost In The Woods

The woods are a magical place. Ever wanted to smell like them? Terre D’Hermes EDT, an iconic fragrance from the prestigious Hermes house of perfumes, has been a modern classic since its release in 2006. With its woody and spicy aroma, this fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of rugged adventure. From […]